How it Works

Welcome To Film Gear Classifieds

This site is designed for Buyers and Sellers to come together to hopefully negotiate a deal for the sellers Used production Equipment. Film Gear Classifieds does not get involved with the transaction whatsoever. We encourage deals to be paid for though sites like Paypal. That is the best way to have a safe transaction between both parties.

It is free to list your item for 30 days, and you can manually relist for another free 30 days as much as you like. We do offer another ad package for 60 days to make it simpler for you for very nominal fee. We also charge $6.95 to feature your item on the top of the site. The nominal charges help us maintain the site throughout the year, but if FREE is your thing, then have at it, we just want everyone to have a better place to go than craigslist and ebay.

For Sellers: Please only list gear that is yours and pertains to the Film and Video Production Industry. There are tons of categories ranging from cameras to grip equipment. Once you post we will look at each item before publishing to the public. This process can take anywhere from minutes to a couple of hours because we are industry professionals working in the field and cannot get to the site as fast as we like on certain days. We have to do it this way so products that don’t apply, don’t sneak there way on. We hope you understand.

Please post with up to 10 Pictures and be as descriptive as possible so the buyer has all the information they need to make an informed decision. Also make sure once your items go live, Please share it across all your social platforms.

Please Try and get back to a prospective buyer as soon as possible should one contact you though the portal, that will certainly get them to stop looking elsewhere.

Once SOLD please go into “manage your ads” and mark the item sold in the edit section of the ad.

For Buyers: If you are interested in someones item you can contact them though the site once you click into the post itself. It’s pretty self explanatory.

Should anyone have any difficulties please reach out to us at and we will try and resolve any issues you may be facing. I cannot stress this enough, please share items with your colleagues that you feel they may be interested in as well.

Thanks for checking us out, let’s make this a great place for all of us.

Jim Robertson